Our Approach

Stuart Oilfield Services harnesses each team members’ experience and dedication to overcome the toughest challenges. This superior competency is reflected in each job we take on and is the foundation of our company’s culture, identity, and success. 

About Us

Stuart Oilfield Services is a family-owned-and-operated company that listens to our customers. We appreciate and respond to the unique challenges our customers in the energy industry face.  As such, our services expand based on our customers’ needs.  Currently, we serve Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana markets. Our unrivaled customer service and continuous growth present new opportunities for our clients to employ our services in typical or remote fields of operation.

Stuart Oilfield Services strives to exceed our customers’ expectations and industry standards by deploying innovative solutions to our operation, which allows our customers to work safer, more efficiently, and more productively, even through difficult scenarios. 

Oil Pump Sky and Ground

Our Mission, Vision & Values

Stuart Oilfield Services is committed to being a leader in the oil and gas industry by: providing services that exceed our customers expectations; cultivating and maintaining constructive work environments for employees and customers; and implementing the highest ethical standards in everything we do.

Safety is paramount in our daily work and vital to our overall mission. In addition to being a safety-focused company, our main investment is our employees. We deploy well-trained, passionate, customer-oriented, and experienced personnel. With our centrally-located facilities, we are able to develop and maintain intimate relationships with our customers in their fields of operation.

Work With Us

We keep an acute focus on operations

We provide thorough attention to detail with a keen understanding of our clients’ needs throughout every step of the process.

We save you money

With our carefully implemented services and top-notch equipment, coupled with the best prices in the industry, we help you save!

Supreme employees and law compliance

Our employees are experts in the industry. With their knowledge and our safety-first mentality, our customers thrive in safe and efficient work environments. We, therefore, abide by all applicable Safety and DOT regulations.

We aredevoted to customer service.passionate about environmental safety.dependable and reliable.

Environmental, Health, and Safety Management

Stuart Oilfield Services is committed to safety for our customers and employees and to the communities where we operate. With this, we provide a systematic approach to managing waste by complying with environmental regulations and reducing our environmental footprint as much as possible. 

Corporate Governance & Operations

As an oilfield service provider, we infuse compliance and governance into every aspect of our business. Stuart Oilfield Services is committed to implementing responsible operations and consistently looking for ways to do things smarter, safer, and better.

Delivering Quality Equipment & Services

Stuart Oilfield Services drives customer satisfaction by delivering innovative—yet sturdy—equipment and services to our customers.  After each job, we want you to feel as though we are underpaid.