Vacuum Trucks: Workhorse of the Energy Industry

In each sector of the oil and gas industry—upstream, midstream, and downstream—Stuart Oilfield Services’ vacuum trucks clean up spills, improve productivity, eliminate downtime, and contribute to the safe operations throughout the life of a well, pipeline, or operating refinery. In this article, we tell you how.

Let's begin discussing vacuum trucks’ versatility. These trucks are simple in construction; for the most part, it is merely a pump mounted to a trailer connected to a tractor or attached to a tractor chassis. These are the most common configurations. This simplicity equates to durability and reliability in the field. As such, vacuum trucks are very useful to the oil and gas industry.

For instance, during oil exploration and production operations, vacuum trucks provide vital services. Specifically, our vacuum truck services can deliver by-product fluids from the well site to injection wells. Our trucks provide the water—millions of gallons are often needed—to begin the fracturing process used to release the oil and gas deposits harbored by the reservoirs below. Our vacuum trucks also serve the oilfield industry during time-sensitive oil spill emergencies. Therefore, during a well’s life cycle, our vacuum truck services are instrumental in generating, maintaining, and enhancing production.

In addition to being important to upstream operations, vacuum truck services are also used in midstream operations. In the upstream and downstream context, a different vacuum truck configuration is needed than those typically seen in the oilfields. Pipelines, for instance, often span large, remote areas. Whether caused by rainwater or material shifting, vacuum trucks can reduce downtown by removing moving material or liquids from a worksite quickly and efficiently. During the fabrication process of a pipeline, the setting of the operation is often in large trenches or deep holes that fill up with sediment or water. Vacuum trucks solve this problem. Welders, pipe fitters, operators, x-ray technicians, and inspectors cannot work effectively or safely in water. Our water or trash pumps can be deployed for smaller sites; however, time is money and vacuum truck services can be used to remedy this issue quicker to reduce downtown.

Moreover, vacuum trucks service each stage of pipeline development. Such as, when a new pipeline is being constructed and installed, often an existing pipeline is located nearby. Vacuum trucks can safely and efficiently remove material without the risk of damaging the existing pipeline. Excavating near live oil and gas pipelines has risks. Vacuum truck services remove this risk completely by removing material with surgical precision without damaging the pipes or causing unnecessary damage to the land. In addition to these vital uses, vacuum truck services are also important in the downstream process.

Like the oilfield operators in the upstream and pipeline operators in the midstream, refineries depend on vacuum trucks to move and dispose of various types of waste. State-of-the-art vacuum trucks can effectively clean tanks while reducing the need to expose additional employees to confine space hazards. This helps reduce refineries’ liability and costs. Furthermore, lines spills occur, and retention ponds need to be drained, and contents must be, at times, delivered to a disposal well. Vacuum trucks solve both issues. During shutdowns, time is money. Vacuum trucks save time and money.

All operations in the upstream, midstream, and downstream are expensive, complex, and require well-thought-out planning. Operators in the industry may, among other factors, consider the following: profit margins, downtime, safety, quality, simplification of the operation’s complexity. We pay attention to our clients’ priorities and consideration. If it matters to our clients, it matters to us. Our safety-first vacuum truck services coupled with our keen attention to our clients’ priorities, results in a smooth, stress-free experience for our clients.

Based on the reasons above, our modern vacuum truck fleet provides vital services to the energy industry as a whole. Whether our services are needed in the oilfield, on pipelines, or in a refinery, we can reduce our clients’ liability and risks by making operations safer. The quality of our services coupled with our cost-effective prices means that our services will add value to an existing operation and reduce downtime. Our vacuum trucks are thus an invaluable tool in the industry and should be deployed on your next project.

If you need vacuum truck services, please contact us. We can help drive your project forward.